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The Little Tree House

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(A Collaboration of the HELP Education Group and OSK Ventures International)

Little Tree House curriculum


The Little Tree House caters for children aged 2.5 to 6 years. Our programme integrates both the International and Malaysian Curriculum which is implemented through an Integrated Thematic Approach. We include Montessori influence and Play-based methods to ensure a well-rounded curriculum. All the thematic units encompass the following learning areas:

Communication, Language and Literacy

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Early Science

Creative Arts

Physical and Health Education

Early Mathematics

Computer and Information Technology


Our programme for 2.5-4 year-old children is designed specifically to help them gain the confidence to learn independently. With the support of their teachers, children are in charge of their learning by exploring play materials, storybooks, and other technological resources. We also incorporate other carefully and purposefully planned activities such as Phonics, Reading Skills, Pre-Writing & Writing, Math, Science, Art & Craft, and Creative Movements. When conjoined with our loving environment, children can play, learn and grow in a fun, safe and encouraging atmosphere!


Our curriculum for the 5-6 year-old children is designed to address all the areas of development social, emotional, physical, linguistic and cognitive. Our children are encouraged to become active learners as they explore, investigate and experiment.

Here at The Little Tree House, we ensure that your child is both socially and academically ready for their formal schooling experience in Year 1. This is accomplished by systematically developing their leadership, reading, writing, numeracy, communication and critical thinking skills. We believe that children’s potential can be unlocked as they feel empowered and valued to be the decision-makers of their own learning.

Our Approach

What is an Integrated Thematic Approach?

Thematic approach is an interdisciplinary teaching and learning approach, where themes form the core content of the curriculum. These themes are relevant to children’s real life experiences, enabling them to build connections between prior and new knowledge. Each theme is presented in all of the learning areas so that children are able to making meaningful connections between different concepts and the holistic understanding of the world. Using the thematic approach, we also ensure that children are responsible for their own learning; this can be done by allowing the children to actively search for multiple resources that are related to the topic, and to think critically on how one activity is related to another.

Here is an example of lessons based on the theme “Flowers”.

Little Tree House Thematic

Example of other themes:


My family members and community

Physical environment: air; water; space; seasons; Natural Environment: Animals; Birds; Plants; Fruits and Vegetables

Social Environment: My country; Festivals and Celebrations; My Neighbourhood; Transportation

Montessori influence

The Little Tree House’s teaching and learning approach incorporates Montessori influences in both underlying principles and practices. Although it is not a full Montessori environment, Montessori theory shapes some of our approaches and beliefs on how children learn. In particular, we provide practical life exercises, where children learn to do things for themselves using child-sized materials in a child friendly environment. We also incorporate Montessori teaching materials in the areas of mathematics, censorial, and language development.

Character Building

Character building education is another important component of our programme. Qualities such as compassion, independence, resilience, respect, responsibility and trustworthiness will be instilled, forming the basic core of children’s positive mental health and motivation for learning. Through storytelling, activities and daily routines, teachers put emphasis on interactions that affect children’s behaviour, thoughts, feelings and actions, encouraging the building of positive characters.

Learning Centres

Play is a child’s work, which is the key tool for young children’s development and learning. It is a natural activity for them to invent, discover and learn about the world around them. Learning centres are thus set up within each classroom to encourage hands-on play activities. These learning centres are filled with a variety of materials, which are appropriate for children’s age and developmental milestones. The Math and Science Centre, Language Centre, Practical Life Centre, Domestic Play Centre and Arts & Crafts Centre are set up with different activities every week.

Reading Program

Reading is one of the most important skills children learn in the early years. We believe that reading is progressive and thus careful levelling of children’s reading abilities ensures every child become a confident, motivated, and lifelong reader. Besides having a wide range of reading materials in the library, we also adopt a specific reading scheme in supporting every step of a child’s reading journey.

Oxford Reading Tree(ORT)

ORT is a well-established and popular reading scheme, which is highly successful at teaching children to read. The sets of books feature humour, rich language storylines that are engaging for early readers. It also offers decodable fiction and non-fiction stories, which allow children to learn phonics in a fun and systematic way, building the foundation for early reading success.

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